The Difference Between Good
& Great Customer Service

Last week, I received a call from a potential client.  She explained that she had just been diagnosed with cancer and her husband was currently hospitalized and she really needed help with dog waste pickup.  She also asked if I knew of anyone who could foster her dog, if needed, as she would soon be hospitalized for treatment.  As it turns out, she did not live in our service area.   Before I hung up with her, I told her I would see if I could locate a scooper service in her area and I knew of an organization that may be able to provide short term fostering, but would have to find the contact information.

I think she was genuinely surprised when I called her back a short time later with the information I had promised.  I am certain that she was extremely thankful for the assistance.

This got me to thinking, would my competitors do the same, or simply state, “we do not provide service in your area” and hang up?

Over the years, I have received requests for service from a variety of cities in states around the US.  After I jokingly tell them it would be a hell of a commute for me to provide scooper service, I offer to locate a dog waste removal service in their area.  Is this to be expected, or is this taking it above and beyond what is expected?

I don’t know the answer.  What I do know is that I consider what I do in my business like any act of human kindness we provide.  For example, letting a car get in front of you when traffic is merging; paying the difference for the person in line in front of you who is a bit short of cash to pay for their items; letting a person with only a couple of items get in line in front of you at the grocery or convenience store; and, of course, holding doors open for others.  I do these routinely.

I am a believer that we get back what we put out, and kindness gets rewarded tenfold.  And who knows?  Now that All Dogs Poop is offering franchise opportunities, the client I spoke with in Seattle, Indianapolis or Chicago may find themselves calling an All Dogs Poop franchise and, once again, receiving service that goes above and beyond?